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Traditional Soft Drinks

Dandelion and Burdock

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Dandelion & Burdock

It is a traditional British soft drink, drunk in the British Isles since about 1265. My forbearers resided in Kent during this period but it wasn't until 1361 that thomas Hartridge first used the modern spelling of our surname.

One story about Dandelion & Burdock is that St Thomas Aquinas formulated the drink after a night of prayer! It was this drink that aided his concentration.

Available in 330ml glass bottles.

  • made with spring water
  • using only natural flavours
  • no artificial colours
  • no preservatives
  • suitable for vegans

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"I have loved Dandelion & Burdock ever since childhood and haven't been able to easily source a natural one! Thanks to Hartridges I can now purchase it online and locally"

L.F.   Portsmouth

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